Job Openings

Computer Operator

Chakra Consulting, Inc., a woman-owned small business based out of Maryland is seeking for an experienced Computer Operator to join its growing team. The position will support Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. All work will be accomplished at the Tripler Army Medical Center during normal duty hours.

The candidate will support the following tasks:
• Work under the guidance of senior personnel, including the Site Manager and Workflow Manager
• Resolves common computer operating problems
• Serve as an assistant operator working under close supervision or performing a portion of a more senior operator's work
• Be responsible for equipment maintenance (i.e., load equipment with required items such as tapes, paper, etc.)
• Respond to end user and client inquiries
• Document work in current work ticketing systems, update status of open ticket
• Review error messages and make corrections during operation or refer problems
• Perform customer satisfaction follow-ups and inquiries
• Test new or modified programs and assist in modifying systems or programs
• Ensure end-user self-service tools remain up-to-date and current
• Ensure delivery of required statistics and report inputs to designated personnel
• Other duties as assigned. Regular attendance is required to fulfill the essential functions of the job

Job Responsibilities:
• Efficiently work tickets via email and phone calls as well as provide on-site support as needed
• Basic printer/scanner setup
• Installing software and configuring hardware
• Track customer issues and resolutions
• Manage and update documentation

Personnel Requirements:
Required Knowledge and Skills:
• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a high call volume
• Knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite
• Strong knowledge operating instructions to determine equipment setup needed
• Ability to communicate technical information, both verbal and written, to a wide
range of end-users
• Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills
• Positive and professional demeanor
• Must pass a background check

Education Requirements:
• Industry certification such as A+ or Network+ is required.


Software Developers, Systems Software

Chakra Consulting, Inc., a woman-owned small business based out of Maryland is seeking for an experienced Software Developers, Systems Software to join its growing team.

The candidate will support the following tasks:

Job Duties:
• Research and analyze existing data transfer tools, protocols, and libraries (DPDK, SPDK, RDMA, LINUX LIBAIO)), and define areas of improvement.
• Research congestion control algorithms and include a mechanism into the protocol design.
• Publish original research and analysis in a survey and/or internal technical reports, abstracts, conference proceedings, and publish articles in renowned journals or conference proceedings relating to computer science.
• Develop a prototype of a file reader/writer, with low latency and high bandwidth, as a microservice, using the storage kernel bypass solution Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK).
• Develop a prototype of a sender/receiver, with high throughput, as a micro-service, using the storage kernel bypass solution Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK).
• Design and build a Data Transfer Node (DTN) by combining the two micro services 1 and 2, the data transfer protocol and a congestion control mechanism.
• Based on research, suggest, design and prototype a network protocol over UDP for high throughput data transfer over WAN.
• Benchmark and evaluate the proposed DTN design using formal verification and simulation based techniques.
• Publish the DTN design and performance in a conference/journal.
• Based on research, develop a new file system to navigate and map data from memory to disk user level while bypassing the kernel.

• Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field and 2 years of experience must include each of the following:
• Designing and developing protocols and applications using Golang, C/C++, JAVA, and Python;
• Designing applications and protocols for Named Data Networking (NDN);
• Data serialization with JSON, Protocol Buffers, and XML;
• API design;
• Designing and building Graphical User Interfaces;
• Writing scripts for automation using bash and python;
• Writing reports using specific templates with latex;
• Using source control management systems, including GIT or SVN;
• Configuring routing and switching on Cisco, Juniper, or Mellanox;
• Experience with OpenFlow Specification and Operating Software defined Networking (SDN) controllers: OpenDaylight, ONOS (Open Network Operating System);
• Analyzing and evaluating network performance with simulation-based techniques, statistical analysis and formal modelling and verification using the BIP framework, SBIP for statistical model checking and Dataplot;
• Developing applications with the network kernel bypass solution data plane development kit library (DPDK);
• Developing applications with the storage kernel bypass solution storage performance development kit library (SPDK);
• Mellanox 100G network adapters and MLX4/5 driver; and
• Analyzing data for classification using machine learning libraries (Keras and TensorFlow).
• Proficiency in operating the Linux OS.

Position requires authorship of published abstract, conference proceeding, or article in a scientific journal relating to computer science or a related field.

Position is based out of 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20899.

Qualified applicants please mail resume and cover letter to Chakra Consulting, Inc., 12004 Tregoning Place, Clarksburg, MD 20871.